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Financial Services Banking CEO

Locations: UK (South Preferred)

Salary Expectations: £150-£200k or c £1000 per day for contract/Interim assignments

  • Motivated & driven Financial Services/Banking CEO with full P&L responsibility and transformational change leadership experience.

  • 10 + years experience working with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)    

  • Successfully secured a full unrestricted UK banking licence,developing and establishing operations and executing strategy for an international conglomerate.     

  • Navigated Challenger Bank through complex licence process.

  • Multiple award winner ‘Best local Building Society’ for 3 consecutive year.    

  • Introduced direct digital marketing strategy reducing acquisition costs by 50%.

  • Changed Society culture, working practices reducing FTE by 40% improving member advocacy to 98%.        

  • Experienced developing retail strategies.

  • Diversification and fund cost reduction.    

  • Doubled commercial mortgage originations with no change to pricing/risk for a challenger bank.

Please contact for further information on this candidate.

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