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Qualified Paraplanner

Locations: Wolverhampton - Shropshire

Salary Expectations: £25K +

• CII Level 4 Certificate in Paraplanning: R01, R02, R03 & J09

• FE Analytics — Certified User

• 4 + years of Paraplanning experience

• Excellent verbal & literate communication which have earned client facing responsibilities

• Mathematically strong and accurate

• Proficient IT user across range of systems and software

• Market research, analysis and due diligence (Defaqto)

• Pension research and pension switch comparison reports (Selectapension)

• Cash flow forecasting and projections (Cashcalc and Voyant)

• Fund analysis, comparison and portfolio management (FE Analytics and Morningstar).

• Including single funds, DFMs, model portfolios and bespoke portfolio creation.

Please contact for further information.

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